professional indemnity

Coverex provides many areas of protection for business owners, freelancers and self-employed individuals that require a commercial policy in the event of any clients claiming their service is inadequate. Any organization that provides professional services or consultancy could be sued by a client for unsatisfactory work or misleading advice. Professional Indemnity cover safeguards service-based enterprises should disagreements occur and cover the costs in rectifying – including legal fees should they advance to that level of severity.


Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your business against any claims made by a client or third party against you in relation to any services provided. This could be claims of negligence, breach of trust or defamation and this policy covers costs associated with any compensation to the claimant as well as legal costs in defending the claim.

Freelance Solicitors

Freelance Solicitor Professional Indemnity Insurance is a mandatory requirement for all freelance solicitors under SRA regulations. If you practice on your own under your own name, without employing any other individuals in connection to your services and are engaged and paid directly by clients, this is the policy required.


For Land Surveyors, our Professional Indemnity policies provide a number of benefits. Within these policies we can provide coverage for negligence, bodily injury, property injury and all associated defence costs. Various issues can occur when working with clients and obtaining this insurance protects yourself so that you can focus on the importance of your service to your clients.


Professional Indemnity Insurance is a must have for architects, because mistakes can happen and misunderstandings and errors can be costly whether they are your fault or not. This can result in legal disputes with clients and contractors which will require rectification, as well as the instances where accidents and injuries can play into proceedings.

Other Professions

A number of professions require protection in the form of Professional Indemnity Insurance in order to safeguard their professional life from potential ruin. Doctors and people in the health and safety circuit such as therapists, counsellors and physical therapists are frequent targets for malpractice suits, especially when relating to a patient’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Teachers increasingly are open targets for parents to feel the need to bring suits against schools and teachers for a variety of school based incidents in classrooms and playgrounds, resulting in many carrying Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Brokers, Accountants and Real Estate Agents are stressful occupations where clients expect fast and efficient results, resulting in handling a lot of the clients sensitive information and left to blame when something goes unexpectedly wrong. As a result, many of these industries carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover themselves in these instances.

what our clients say about us…

Mike Filson provides the level of expertise and personal contact that is invaluable to a solicitors practice seeking affordable cover for both PI and general commercial insurance.
My previous experience of being on call centre hold and having to chase quotes is thankfully a thing of the past.

We recently set you the task to insure Red 7 we were struggling to find some of the policys we required for an upcoming company audit. After a good meeting with you to explain what it was we needed you came back to us the next day with a specialist security insurer who met all our needs at a great price .

Mike you are a great bloke and fantastic to deal with and I would recommend you and your services to absoloutly anyone

We were looking at getting public liability insurance for our business. We gave Coverex a call and they came back to us the same day with a very competitive quote for us. We were extremely pleased at how fast and efficient they came back to us.

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