commercial insurance

Businesses large and small across the board have their own set of unique requirements that need their own specific tailoring towards. At Coverex, every client is provided with a perfect mixture of flexibility and personalised advice that meet the needs for their businesses growth and protection. From the building you are within to the people who work with you all the way to the information you store, Coverex provides assurance against all potential hazards affecting your business operations.

Property/ Buildings

Protection of your property and buildings is a key peace of mind, especially in heavy commercial environments such as manufacturing, engineering and warehouses. As these and others similar have greater risks from industrial accidents including fire, structural collapse and environmental risks such as floods or storm damage. Property/Building insurance ensures you have the cover to repair the physical structure of your property, as well as any internal problems relating to the damage.

Cyber Insurance

Now more than anytime in history have businesses relied heavily on the presence of computer software and systems in order to operate with full efficiency, including the storage of customer data and automated processes. These steps into full cyber use within a business still pose ongoing risk from cyberattacks, data theft and hacking that can greatly affect the business reputation and efficiency. For these reasons, specialist policies in Cyber Insurance are highly recommended as part of the wider cyber risk management strategy.

Management Liability Insurance

As a business, you may already have Public, Employers’ and Product Liability in effect. Management Liability covers your businesses key individuals as well as the business entity on various issues surrounding decisions, mistakes and wrongful activities. This form of insurance is usually split into three distinct categories of cover – Directors and Officers Insurance, Corporate Legal Liability and Employment Practices Liability.


Fleet Insurance is a policy that incorporates multiple business vehicles (known as fleet) into one. This policy is an easy way of insuring multiple vehicles under one company, from company cars to trucks and vans without having many individual policies to keep track of. Fleet Insurance covers a wide range of areas such as loss, damage, recovery and help towards medical costs associated with an accident and legal fees among others.

Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance covers costs associated with claims made by members of the public for any incidents that are in connection with your business activities. When these incidents occur, the costs for compensation in relation to personal injury, loss and damages are covered under this policy.

what our clients say about us…

We recently set you the task to insure Red 7 we were struggling to find some of the policys we required for an upcoming company audit. After a good meeting with you to explain what it was we needed you came back to us the next day with a specialist security insurer who met all our needs at a great price .

Mike you are a great bloke and fantastic to deal with and I would recommend you and your services to absoloutly anyone

Mike Filson provides the level of expertise and personal contact that is invaluable to a solicitors practice seeking affordable cover for both PI and general commercial insurance.
My previous experience of being on call centre hold and having to chase quotes is thankfully a thing of the past.

We were looking at getting public liability insurance for our business. We gave Coverex a call and they came back to us the same day with a very competitive quote for us. We were extremely pleased at how fast and efficient they came back to us.

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